Redevelopment of Session Road studied

Redevelopment of Session Road studied – Baguio City

Two aldermen have proposed the conduct of a comprehensive study for the redevelopment of Session Road for tourism purposes.

In a proposed resolution, councilors Elmer Datuin and Richard Cariño said it is high time “to consider the redevelopment and upgrade of Session Road, Baguio City Philippines to keep up with the present situation and to prepare the city for the future in its development plan.”

“The redevelopment may focus on the possibility of having a one-way traffic direction at Session Road with regulated parking, expanded pedestrian walkway, greeneries, and the possibility of removing the center island,” they said.

They said the redevelopment project should provide “economic and tourism benefits for a revitalized Session Road with an improved traffic and an increased pedestrian walkability. The expanded pedestrian walkway will become comparable to the best walkways all over the world.”

“Experiences from big cities all over the world in streetscape improvement will show that a redevelopment of a principal street to a lesser congested area for traffic and pedestrian will give great benefits in terms of economic and tourism potential,” the councilors said.

If approved, the study will be done through the City Planning and Development Office in collaboration with other departments tasked in urban planning or may also be contracted out to urban planners.

Datuin and Cariño said results of the study will guide the executive and legislative departments in the implementation of the development plan for Session Road.

“The city’s population has increased and Session Road as the principal street cannot any longer cope with the increasing pedestrian users for its walkways, and motor vehicles are more often congested as they traverse the two-way vehicle lane,” thus the need for a redevelopment, they said.

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